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Tips & Expertise: Clinical Meets Codes: ICD-10-CM Coding for Sepsis Q&A

Q:  When a patient has sepsis due to COVID-19, is the sepsis code always sequenced first? A:  No. Sequencing depends on whether the sepsis was present on admission and meets the definition of principal diagnosis. If a patient presented with a COVID-19 infection and...

Using Default Codes: You’re Not Diagnosing the Patient

Have you ever wondered about the default codes guideline for ICD-10-CM? Guideline I.A.18. states: A code listed next to a main term in the ICD-10-CM Alphabetic Index is referred to as a default code. The default code represents that condition that is most commonly...

Foot and Ankle: Don’t get your tendons in a Wad!

​For many years I struggled coding foot and ankle procedures. I would ask myself: “Is this tendon a flexor or is it an extensor?” “Hmm... what does it do?”  “Is this a ligament or is this a tendon?”    Of course, back then we didn’t have internet and had to utilize...

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