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Be Prepared for Coding Changes

Publication: For the Record

The best defense against problems resulting from code changes is preparation. Follow these steps to ensure that your coding team members are educated about the latest guidelines and understand code changes! | Read More.

The X-Factor

Publication: For the Record

In the United States, 14 states and the District of Columbia currently allow individuals to choose a third gender option—specifically, the nonbinary gender marker X—on state-issued birth certificates. The nonbinary designation includes “any person who does not identify with a gender that falls within the traditional male/female or man/woman category” as well as intersex individuals. Hear from CEO, Mary Beth Haugen, on this situation and the discrepancies that it is causing for patient matching. | Read More.

Education Content that Helps Us Grow with Mary Beth Haugen

Publication: AHIMA’s Hi Pitch Podcast

Hear from Mary Beth Haugen, RHIA, MS, founder and CEO of Haugen Consulting Group, as she talks about her commitment to creating compelling educational content for health information professionals. She also discusses her experiences as an AHIMA volunteer. | Read More.

Tips & Expertise: Critical Questions for Critical Care

Q:  Are the codes discussed in the webinar for professional charges or facility? A:  The codes can differ, and it can get confusing. Today’s webinar discusses codes for professional charges. Q:  If two providers in the same group see the patient on the same date of...

Faxing Your Resume and Staying Humble with Deanna Upston

Publication: NEC Podcast

Haugen’s consultant, Deanna Upston catches up with creator of the Medical Coding Geeks, Brian Cui in a recent episode of the Not Elsewhere Classified (NEC) Podcast. Deanna shares her journey from medical assistant to faxing in her resume and landing her first coding job. | Read More.

Tips & Expertise: CPT for GI Endoscopy Procedures

Q: If the physician removes a polyp using cold biopsy forceps, do we bill a biopsy, snare polypectomy or an ablation?A: For this, you would bill the biopsy code. The snare polypectomy would require use of a snare and the ablation codes would be for destruction. Q: Can...

Coding Colonoscopies

Blog Post: Digging into HIM & Coding

When coding for colonoscopies for Medicare patients it is crucial to understand the following: What is a screening colonoscopy? Which codes are applicable? Is a modifier required? | Read More.

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