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2016 Articles Featuring HCG

A year in ICD-10: Healthcare professionals weigh in
CD-10 did not have the negative impact many industry stakeholders predicted. But coders’ frenzied preparation for the Oct. 1, 2015 compliance date did have a silver lining…

Small providers may struggle as ICD-10 ‘grace period’ ends
With Saturday marking the one-year anniversary of the implementation of ICD-10 codes, healthcare organizations must now focus on some new requirements that went into effect on October 1.

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Five Coder Training Tips

With the initial shock of the latest ICD-10 delay behind us, now is the time to leverage it as opportunity to ensure that coders are fully prepared for the transition. Coder training and readiness is a critical element of ICD-10 success. The additional time will give coders the ability to apply their skills through practice and become proficient in ICD-10. Consider the following tips to keep training and education on track.

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What's the purpose of goosebumps?

To raise the body's temperature.

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