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Faxing Your Resume and Staying Humble with Deanna Upston

Publication: NEC Podcast

Haugen’s consultant, Deanna Upston catches up with creator of the Medical Coding Geeks, Brian Cui in a recent episode of the Not Elsewhere Classified (NEC) Podcast. Deanna shares her journey from medical assistant to faxing in her resume and landing her first coding job. | Read More.

Coding GI Endoscopy Procedures in CPT

Digging Into HIM & Coding Blog When coding for colonoscopies for Medicare patients it is crucial to understand the following: What is a screening colonoscopy? Which codes are applicable? Is a modifier required? In some scenarios, it is also helpful to know what...

Coding Foot Procedures in ICD-10-PCS

Digging Into HIM & Coding Blog When was the last time you really thought about the marvel that is your foot?  The human foot is composed of 26 bones, 33 joints, and what seems like endless tendons and ligaments.  The number of body parts alone make coding...

Coding Foot Procedures in CPT

Digging Into HIM & Coding Blog Anyone who has coded or attempted to code for procedures on the foot and toes has no doubt discovered the complexities of the CPT codes. It’s impossible to code for them without a thorough understanding of foot and toe anatomy....

Telehealth Billing During the COVID-19 National Emergency

Publication: MGMA

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released numerous waivers along with new rules for billing professional telehealth services during the public health emergency (PHE) of COVID-19. These changes, currently in place for the duration of the PHE, aim to ensure that patients have access to physicians and other qualified healthcare providers while remaining at home. Continue reading to learn about the types of services available to all Medicare beneficiaries, including telehealth, virtual check-ins and telephone visits, e-visits and remote patient monitoring. | Read More.

Coding Hand Surgeries in ICD-10-PCS

Additional Tips & Expertise - Free Haugen Academy MicroLearning Our hands are incredibly intricate. Hand surgeries can be complex and coding these in ICD-10-PCS can be challenging. This brief presentation contains a few tips for coding these complex cases. This is...

Coding Hand Surgeries in CPT

Digging Into HIM & Coding Blog Our hands may the the body part we most take for granted relative to their importance to our existence and our day-to-day activities. They are amazingly intricate and comprised of many different body systems and incur injuries and...

Facility E/M Levels

Digging Into HIM & Coding Blog For many, the ins and outs of facility evaluation and management (E/M) coding for emergency department (ED) services are shrouded in mystery.  In an industry where everything seems to be regulated, there appears to be a lack of...

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