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The coding information and guidance in these posts are valid at the time of publishing. Learners are encouraged to research subsequent official guidance in the areas associated with the topic as they can change rapidly.


New ICD-10-CM/PCS Codes Effective April 1, 2022

With the publication of the Final Rule for the inpatient prospective payment system (IPPS) for fiscal year 2022, CMS announced that beginning April 1, 2022, ICD-10-CM/PCS code updates will occur twice a year every April 1 and October 1. For this year, there is a...

It’s not rocket science, but it is brain surgery!

The work of a neurosurgical coder encompasses many different types of procedures and takes you all over the CPT book. There are sections for work on the spine, the spinal cord, nerves, and brain. Since March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month, we decided March...

The X-Factor

Publication: For the Record

In the United States, 14 states and the District of Columbia currently allow individuals to choose a third gender option—specifically, the nonbinary gender marker X—on state-issued birth certificates. The nonbinary designation includes “any person who does not identify with a gender that falls within the traditional male/female or man/woman category” as well as intersex individuals. Hear from CEO, Mary Beth Haugen, on this situation and the discrepancies that it is causing for patient matching. | Read More.

Tips & Expertise: CPT Coding for Orthopedic Oncology Webinar Q&A

Q: Is it appropriate to wait for a pathology report before coding?A: Absolutely, I encourage it. Q: If my surgeon does not document the size of a lesion and the margins, can I take them from the pathology report? 4A: Ideally, this is not good practice. When specimens...

Tips & Expertise: The Cure for ICD-10-CM/PCS Cancer Coding Webinar Q&A

​Q:  For a patient with a history of breast cancer, who is taking tamoxifen, do we code this as a current cancer or use the “history of” Z code?A:  Tamoxifen, while often used to treat early-stage disease, after treatment, to prevent recurrence or a new cancer in the...

Overview of Orthopedic Oncology

Orthopedic oncology is a subspeciality of orthopedics that involves the diagnosis and treatment of malignant disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic oncologists treat conditions such as: Primary bone cancers Soft tissue tumors Cancers, such as breast,...

Tips & Expertise: PCS Coding for Spinal Fusions Advanced Webinar Q&A

Q:  We were originally educating the coders at our facility to code removal of internal fixation device from the joint per Coding Clinic 2Q 2017 pgs. 23-24 however a correction was issued in Coding Clinic 2Q2019 that states to use body part of vertebrae. But you’re...

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