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The coding information and guidance in these posts are valid at the time of publishing. Learners are encouraged to research subsequent official guidance in the areas associated with the topic as they can change rapidly.


Tips & Expertise: Critical Questions for Critical Care

Q:  Are the codes discussed in the webinar for professional charges or facility? A:  The codes can differ, and it can get confusing. Today’s webinar discusses codes for professional charges. Q:  If two providers in the same group see the patient on the same date of...

Take the Pressure Out of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) or wound vac coding has been an area that generates a lot of questions and confusion. These codes are widely used and have a specific purpose. Continue reading as we discuss exactly what NPWT is, break down the four code options, and talk about how they are intended to be used.

Tips & Expertise: 2022 IPPS Updates Webinar Q&A

Q:  VitalWare is reporting that New Technology Add-on Payment for Abecma and Tecartus but they also drive to DRG 018. How does that work? A:  This is correct.  CAR T-cell therapies are assigned to MS-DRG 018 through a pre-MDC.  Abecma and Tecartus both also receive...

Tips & Expertise: What’s New? 2022 ICD-10-CM Updates Webinar Q&A

Q:  Would you code long term use of insulin and hypoglycemic as well as presence of insulin pump? A:  The code categories for diabetes, other than category I10 for type 1 diabetes, has a “use additional code” note indicating that the type of control (i.e., long term...

Tips & Expertise: 2022 ICD-10-PCS Updates Webinar Q&A

​Q:  For the customizable interbody fusion device, is discectomy included or coded separately?​A:  Per the New Technology guidelines, the codes in the New Technology table report the only the steps of the procedure covered by that root operation.  In table XRF, the...

2022 Guidelines for Reporting Social Determinants of Health

Blog Post: Digging into HIM & Coding

Our coded data plays a great role in this initiative by providing measurable data. To strengthen reporting of SDOH, the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting (OCG) have been expanded for fiscal year 2022 (effective October 1, 2021). Continue reading to learn more about the upcoming changes! | Read More.

Tips & Expertise: Wounded By Wound Care Webinar Series Q&A

Q:  Can diabetic foot ulcer code be used with pressure ulcers?  The code book seems to indicate it would not.A:  You cannot assume a link with pressure ulcers and diabetes.  Quick tip! Q:  Regarding diabetic foot ulcer. I did see the quick tip, but ICD10 indicates...

Is your organization worried about wound care coding?

Blog Post: Digging into HIM & Coding

One of the most difficult and misunderstood diagnostic coding types is that of a wound care clinic. Often managers lump these types of charts into clinic coding and expect productivity to be just as high. Ask any wound care coder and they’ll tell you that a wound care chart is one of the most confusing case types out there.

Most of the conditions treated in wound care clinic are chronic, nonhealing ulcers, yet the clinic is called wound care – not ulcer care – which is just the beginning of the confusion. Patients are often seen weekly, and the severity of their wounds (ulcers) can improve, deteriorate, or remain stagnant week to week. Many coders are unsure how to code these charts. What type of wound is being evaluated? How does the wound look this week? How, exactly, is the wound being treated? | Read More.

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