This webinar was released on November 1, 2021. This webinar is no longer eligible for CEUs. 

Does your organization struggle with data accuracy?  Have you examined what’s causing those repeated errors, or are you spinning your wheels, fixing errors on the back end?

This webinar will discuss data accuracy and the importance a proactive approach has on the patient experience.  We’ll discuss some common ways errors are created and the negative impact inaccurate data has on patient care, quality, and interoperability.  A holistic approach to data accuracy requires consistent training, precise processes, and ongoing evaluation.  Taking the time to investigate the root cause upfront can help stop the cycle of countless labor hours on costly reactive fixes.  Spend an hour with The Haugen Consulting Group, where we’ll help you invest in the team you have to get the team you want.


  • Define inaccurate data’s impact to patients, staff, financials
  • Compare methods to improve data accuracy
  • Create a proactive approach to increase core knowledge
Jennifer McCann, RHIA, CHPS, CTR

Jennifer McCann, RHIA, CHPS, CTR

Senior Consultant

Jennifer brings over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry to her role as a Senior Consultant with Haugen Consulting Group. She began her HIM career working in acute care settings in Rhode Island and Massachusetts before relocating to Denver in 2002. Prior to joining the Haugen Consulting Group, Jennifer spent several years in operational roles, successfully building and managing teams through complex projects and implementations. She is well versed in retention, legal health record, HIPAA privacy and security and workflow analysis.


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