FY 2021 ICD-10-PCS Root Operations Flip Bits

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Guidelines for FY2021.

Haugen Academy’s quick reference tool that lists the root operations for every section of ICD-10-PCS. “Tag Bits” throughout the flip bit provide additional information on some of the trickier aspects of root operations.

• Tagbits (helpful hints for each section) to include more cross referencing notes
• Robust “New Technology” section that includes a table of drugs with their brand name, generic name, and the drug actions
• OB section with pertinent examples
• Included notes to assist in development of code/don’t code list
• Space for your personal notes
• Updated each year

flip bit, flip bits, flipbit


11 reviews for FY 2021 ICD-10-PCS Root Operations Flip Bits

  1. Jenifer F.

    “The Haugen PCS Root Operations Flip Bits are an awesome, hands-on, easy reference tool, to use when you have questions about Root Operations. You flip to the tab and it gives the definition of the root operation and an example of how it should be used. You can also make personal notes on each tab.”

  2. Kathy Luu

    Just got my PCS Flip Bits today. I luv it. Make u understand it easier becuz I was confuse some of what root operation to use sometime so this tool a would help me a lot. Thank you

  3. Mary H.

    I love it!! I use it all the time while practicing my ICD-10 coding. I love having all the pertinent information at my fingertips!

  4. Mary Ann S.

    It is Perfect !!

  5. Shannon (Amazon Customer)

    I love this chart. It will be a staple in my day to day coding.

  6. Nancy D. (Amazon Reviewer)

    What a great product!!!! It sits on my desk and refer to it all the time. Organized so well. Would recommend to anyone who needs to code PCS.

  7. Nicole M.

    This is an amazing tool for coding ICD-10. Very easy to understand and an incredible help to me! It sits on my desk and I grab everytime I need help! Highly recommended!
    One person found this helpful

  8. Sherri W. (Amazon Reviewer)

    Excellent tool for learning PCS Root Operations or teaching others – lots of information about each root operation – easy to use and handle; accurate information. Pertinent, quality examples. Our employees use and love this product!
    One person found this helpful

  9. Gayle (Amazon Reviewer)

    All the information you need about Root Operations is in this compact tool. I love the ease of handling and retrieving information quickly. It can sit on your desk without taking up any space which is a big plus when you have several bulky coding books. This reference guide is so well made it will never wear out.

    One of the best ICD-10 products available!

  10. Shiela D (Amazon Reviewer)

    Learning a new coding system after this many years of using ICD-9-CM is NOT easy but this handy, simple, reference makes this complex ICD-10-CM/PCS coding system more manageable to learn and use! I purchased the AHIMA flashcards for ICD-10 but really like them in this format better!!

  11. Cheryl (Amazon Reviewer)

    What a lifesaver this has turned out to be. If you’re an inpatient coder, this is for you. Saves so much time in figuring out what the Root Operation is. I’m not tearing my hair out with ICD 10 PCS. If you’re coding I10 PCS you need to get this little gem

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