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This webinar series includes the following titles:

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79 reviews for CPT Spinal Fusion Webinar Series On-Demand

  1. Michelle

  2. Haugen Customer

  3. Kathy

  4. Haugen Customer

  5. Haugen Customer

  6. Ana

  7. Edwin

  8. Cheryl

  9. Jennifer

  10. Jennifer

  11. Nancy

    the easy way of remembering the break down of the spine using breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  12. Haugen Customer

  13. Susan

    I like seeing all the spine conditions presented in one place. We see such a variety in the day to day work, and it was helpful to sort of ‘compare’

  14. Kari

  15. Nanci

  16. Kim

  17. Haugen Customer

  18. Abigail

    Great job as always!!

  19. Haugen Customer

  20. Shelly

  21. Kharen

  22. Haugen Customer

  23. Patricia

    fantastic presentation !!! thank You’all so much !

  24. Courtney

    Excellent information, basic but much needed when coding spinal fusions.

  25. Haugen Customer

  26. Haugen Customer

  27. Joel

    This was well written and well presented. it was also presented in a timely manner as not to rush through it.

  28. Haugen Customer

  29. Haugen Customer

  30. Haugen Customer

  31. Haugen Customer

  32. Sherry C.

  33. Beverly

  34. Haugen Customer

  35. Charmon

    Very good and not an area I have ever worked in. Liked.

  36. Deborah

  37. Bernadette

  38. Natalie

    side by side comparisons are very helpful

  39. Andy

  40. Haugen Customer

  41. Haugen Customer

  42. Dorothy

  43. Stephanie

    Since fusions are so complex, I think breaking up the fusions by approach and cervical region would be a great way to go. That way we can really sink into one subject and really know it. Instead of touching on all spinal regions and fusions in one hour.

  44. Haugen Customer

  45. Sherry

  46. Swapana

  47. Beth

  48. Haugen Customer

  49. Sherry

    I very much enjoyed the way she taught how to differentiate the terminology.

  50. Bernadette

    The different terms are super helpful.

  51. Shelly

  52. Christin

    excellent webinar

  53. Dorothy

  54. Haugen Customer

  55. Haugen Customer

  56. John Lawrence

  57. Charmon

    Spondylolysis and Spondylolisthesis. Actually, was all very interesting. Do have back pain with some degeneration, so always fun to hear more about what we experience personally. Easier to relate to.

  58. Nabila

    Excellent information!!

  59. Mytuyet

  60. Haugen Customer

  61. Christin

  62. Anne

    The anatomy and the disease processes were very informative and taught in a very understandable way. Excellent presentation will take others in the future. Thank you!

  63. Lynne

  64. Haugen Customer

  65. Haugen Customer

  66. Haugen Customer

    Helpful definitions of spondylolysis vs spondylolithesis

  67. Christina

  68. Debbie

  69. Anna

  70. Haugen Customer

  71. Geronda

  72. Colleen

  73. Rachel

    loved the photos, and the concept of breaking out a complicated topic into a longer series

  74. Haugen Customer

  75. Haugen Customer

  76. Julianne

    Understanding the anatomy will help me when coding spinal procedures.

  77. Christopher

  78. Melinda

  79. Haugen Customer

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