Patient Access Services: Revenue Cycle

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This course tells the story of how front-end revenue cycle functions impact the financial success of the organization. The course takes us all the way through the revenue cycle, from referral to zero balance on the account. This course provides an overview of all the administrative and clinical functions that contribute to the capture, management, and collection of patient service revenue.



Lesson 1

  • Explain the work functions/role of various departments that impact the revenue cycle
  • Identify the elements included in good scheduling and pre-registration processes
  • Describe some of the challenges associated with revenue management

Lesson 2

  • Describe the work that occurs during the encounter phase of the revenue cycle
  • Explain the work performed in these departments: Registration, Notification of Admission, Point of Service Collections, Financial Counseling, Health Information/Clinical Documentation, Charge capture, and Coding
  • Define the code sets used to describe medical diagnoses, procedures, and services

Lesson 3

  • Describe the functions performed in the back-end of the revenue cycle
  • Identify forms used to submit medical claims
  • Define common terms used to discuss back-end work processes

Target Audience

  • Patient Access Services
  • Schedulers
  • Business Services
  • Ancillary Departments with Registration Responsibility

CE Credits

AHIMA This program has been approved for 1 continuing education unit for use in fulfilling the continued education requirements of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Granting prior approval from AHIMA does not constitute endorsement of the program content or its program sponsor.

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90 reviews for Patient Access Services: Revenue Cycle

  1. Jane

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  5. Paul


    Excellent clarity of information! Perfectly structured to allow ease of navigation and learning.

  7. Stephenie

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  31. Christina

  32. Jamie

  33. Hannah

  34. Haugen Customer

  35. Kevin

    Please provide us more in-depth training on most common charges/revenue codes. I’m still not familiar with these revenue codes because I have not worked in a hospital setting yet.

  36. Haugen Customer

  37. Haugen Customer

  38. Haugen Customer

    My knowledge of this topic was probably too advanced to benefit from the course, but it did supply me with a needed CE. Feel the course would be beneficial for a beginner or intermediate learner.

  39. Haugen Customer

  40. Ilia

  41. Cherie

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  43. Kushant

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  46. Frances

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  48. Bridget

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  51. Haugen Customer

  52. Melinda

  53. Haugen Customer

  54. Haugen Customer

  55. Virginia

    Excellent course! Very good information. It definitely help me to improve my knowledge on the Revenue Cycle. Thank you!

  56. Jackie

  57. Shadi

  58. Olivia

  59. Eva

  60. Zena

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  72. Kimberly

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  74. Nicole

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  77. Mandy

  78. Michelle

    Great presentation. I liked the conciseness and valuable information for any employees/managers/directors working in healthcare setting.

  79. Theresa

  80. Rhonda

  81. Wenda

  82. Stephanie

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