Revenue Cycle: Introduction to Claim Denials

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This course will build the learner’s core knowledge related to claims processing, payer standardized communications, denials analysis and organizational denials prevention strategies. Learning will begin with a discussion of denials, the claims cycle, and clean claims. Moving on, learners will learn how payers communicate and talk about two main categories of denials. The course will round out with tips and guidance on effective denials prevention strategies healthcare organizations can implement.



Lesson 1: Denials, the Claim Cycle, and Clean Claims

  • Define a denial
  • Outline the benefits of clean claim submission
  • Differentiate between a claim rejection and a denial
  • Explain the role of a clearinghouse

Lesson 2: Payer Communications and Denial Categories

  • Identify the standardized codes used in payer communications
  • Explain the two main types of denied claims

Lesson 3: Effective Denials Prevention Strategies

  • Practice root cause analysis of denied claims
  • Evaluate strategies and tools for denials prevention

Target Audience

  • Billing professionals
  • Revenue integrity professionals
  • Charge master analysts
  • Practice managers

CE Credits

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85 reviews for Revenue Cycle: Introduction to Claim Denials

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  8. Deborah

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  10. Maridol

    I enjoyed studying this course. Loved the pace, visual, audio presentation with the intermittent questions to test comprehension. I also appreciate the opportunity to come back to it for review.

  11. Teresa

  12. Teresa

  13. Patricia

    This course is just an overview of the subject, not a detailed instruction course on billing office procedures.

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  45. Haugen Customer

    I was expecting more detail and a lengthy course/lessons. I did learn some new things but don’t feel like I progressed to a higher level.

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  47. Haylee

  48. Yolanda

    Thank you. I truly enjoyed this course

  49. Michelle

  50. BECKY

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  53. Kimberly

  54. Kathy

  55. Lynn

  56. Lacie

  57. Renika

    Thank you for this course!!

  58. Katherine

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  60. Ehinome

  61. Jodi

  62. Valerie

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  64. Leah

    Great course! Easy to follow and informative. Thank you!

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  85. Laverne

    Good Knowledge base to have very clearly presented

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