Beyond the Basics: CPT Coding for Injections and Infusions – September 8, 2021

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This webinar was released on September 8, 2021.

This webinar is no longer eligible for CEUs. The webinar recording will be available until July 31, 2023.

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This webinar will address coding for injections and infusions (I&I) in the facility setting. It will cover I&I services for emergency department, observation, infusion center, and chemotherapy clinics and cover the tough topics coders see on a daily basis.


  • Rank services according to the I&I hierarchy
  • Recognize various methods of administration
  • Recognize documentation requirements for reporting time-based CPT codes

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Target Audience

  • Facility outpatient coders
  • Coding auditors & educators
  • Coding managers


Heather Bertolami, CCS

Heather brings over 20 years of experience to the Haugen team, specializing in a variety of HIM and coding roles. She started her career as a coder and quickly moved into management positions, eventually becoming an auditor. Now auditing for 8 years, Heather specializes in inpatient coding with a focus on DRGs.

She enjoys digging into our client data to help them find areas of opportunity, providing them with the necessary information, guidelines and best practices to improve their skills. Heather’s humorous personality provides our clients with an easygoing environment to enhance their coding skills with confidence.

Heather joins the Haugen team from New Hampshire. When she isn’t digging into audit cases, she enjoys spending time with friends and family shopping and enjoying good food and even better company!

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93 reviews for Beyond the Basics: CPT Coding for Injections and Infusions – September 8, 2021

  1. Haugen Customer

  2. Makibra

    Great refresher course for me, but also a great wealth of knowledge for someone struggling with I&I

  3. Haugen Customer

  4. Haugen Customer

    learned a lot

  5. Haugen Customer

  6. Haugen Customer

  7. Haugen Customer

    In the past, Haugen has offered tidbits tip sheets as a reference guides to fall back to; it may be helpful to include these tidbits worksheets in the webinars.

  8. Aleen

  9. Haugen Customer

  10. Stephanie

  11. Haugen Customer

  12. Haugen Customer

  13. Haugen Customer

  14. Haugen Customer

  15. Haugen Customer

  16. Sharon

  17. Haugen Customer

  18. Haugen Customer

  19. Haugen Customer

  20. Terri

  21. Heather

  22. Molly

  23. Michelle

  24. Haugen Customer

  25. Geoff

  26. Haugen Customer

  27. Haugen Customer

  28. Haugen Customer

  29. Haugen Customer

  30. Michelle

    The examples used throughout the webinar were perfect. They clarified a lot of questions and doubt I had about coding I

  31. Haugen Customer

  32. Haugen Customer

  33. Haugen Customer

  34. Haugen Customer

    I must of missed the different CPT that would be used for infusion, injection hydration, IVPush

  35. Haugen Customer

  36. Haugen Customer

  37. Haugen Customer

    Enjoyed the presenter

  38. Haugen Customer

  39. Helen

    The webinar was well put together in a manner that I could understand with key details needed to code infusions and injections accurately.

  40. Mary

  41. Nancy

  42. Kathleen

  43. Haugen Customer

  44. Haugen Customer

  45. Lois

  46. Shana

  47. Haugen Customer

  48. Justyna

    I like the pace and materials in the webinar

  49. Gail

  50. Gail

    It would be good to see the question with the actual drug info in the same slide view

  51. Haugen Customer

  52. Amy

    I appreciated confirmation of my understanding that 2 different encounters on the same DOS would have 2 initial codes.

  53. Tammy

  54. Douglas

  55. Phyllis

  56. Haugen Customer

  57. Serena

  58. Rosanna

  59. Haugen Customer

  60. Rhonda

    One concept I will take from this webinar is the use of modifier-XS to represent a different IV-site.

  61. Haugen Customer

  62. Cheryl


  64. Haugen Customer

  65. Haugen Customer

  66. Beverly

    This was a great presentation for a complicated subject. The examples with coding were a good addition.

  67. andrea

  68. Barbara

    I really enjoyed the rationale on the case studies

  69. Susan

  70. Gloria

  71. Haugen Customer

  72. Linda

  73. Sharon

  74. Haugen Customer

  75. Haugen Customer

  76. kimberly

  77. Haugen Customer

  78. Debra

    Excellent information.

  79. Haugen Customer

  80. LAURA

  81. Marilee

  82. Michelle

  83. Haugen Customer

  84. Melinda

  85. Haugen Customer

  86. Haugen Customer

  87. Cynthia

    Great webinar for the price!!!

  88. Amanda

    I was worried that this webinar was not going to get to the “beyond the basics” of the coding, the case studies were good though.

  89. Jeannette

    All information was very informative.

  90. Debbie

    This was a great presentation. But for someone who has to write everything out, it was a bit hurried for me. I think this would be a great 2 hour session and worth twice the registration fee for a longer version. It would be even better if we could submit our questions beforehand.

  91. Laura

  92. Erin

  93. Vicki

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