PCS Spinal Fusions Basics

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This webinar was released on February 18, 2021.

This webinar is no longer eligible for CEUs. The webinar recording will be available until January 31, 2023.

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Once you have a solid understanding of spinal anatomy, the next step to coding spinal fusions is understanding the procedures themselves. In the second part of our PCS spinal series, we will address coding guidelines for spinal fusions, describe anterior and posterior fusions, and discuss accompanying procedures, such as spinal decompression and discectomy. We will also look at documentation for these procedures and code some simple spinal fusion cases.


  • Rank materials used in spinal fusion according to the device hierarchy
  • Identify the vertebral structures of both the anterior and posterior columns
  • Differentiate between anterior/posterior columns and anterior/posterior approaches
  • Determine when a code for laminectomy may be coded separately from a spinal fusion
  • Choose the root operation for discectomy based on medical record documentation

View the webinar FAQs!  https://www.thehaugengroup.com/tips-expertise-pcs-spinal-fusion-basics/

Target Audience

  • Facility inpatient coders
  • Compliance & revenue integrity professionals
  • Coding auditors & educators
  • Coding managers


Kristi Pollard, RHIT, CCS, CPC, CIRCC, AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer

Kristi is a senior consultant with more than 20 years of industry experience and is the author of a delightfully funny blog dedicated to the profession of coding.  Kristi has an extensive background in coding education and consulting and is a national speaker on topics related to ICD-10 and CPT coding as well as code-based reimbursement.  She has designed and developed training programs for inpatient and outpatient hospital-based coding including vascular interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, orthopedics and obstetrics.

Kristi has served the Colorado Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) as board Director, co-chair of the Data Quality Committee, and co-chair for the ICD-10 Task Force. She is also a past president of the Northern Colorado Health Information Management Association (NCHIMA). Kristi devotes extra time to mentoring current and future coders through her Coder Coach blog and is the proud recipient of the 2011 AHIMA Triumph Award for Mentoring. She has also received awards from CHIMA for Distinguished Member (2018) and Outstanding Volunteer (2013) and from AHIMA for Roundtable Achievement in Coding Excellence (RACE).

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143 reviews for PCS Spinal Fusions Basics

  1. Haugen Customer

  2. Gloria

    always great info and clear to understand

  3. Vanessa

  4. Haugen Customer

  5. Haugen Customer

  6. Leslie

  7. Tracye

    Excellent presentation

  8. Robert

  9. Francisco

  10. Debera

  11. Jane

  12. Donna

  13. Haugen Customer

  14. Haugen Customer

  15. Diana

  16. Haugen Customer

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  18. Genenne

  19. Haugen Customer

  20. Emily

    I have better clarity on the approach for LIF now– I really like the way the information was presented with both a diagram and a table, saved them both for future reference!

  21. Nancy

    Very good presentation. Kristi Pollard is a wonderful presenter–very likable in her teaching approach

  22. Haugen Customer

  23. Haugen Customer

  24. Cynthia

    The entire webinar was very helpful.

  25. michelle

  26. Suzonne

    I love the way the presenter explained the operative report and what was being described using all the normal surgical terminology. She explains it so well! Can’t wait to code a spinal fusion!

  27. Haugen Customer

  28. Christine

  29. Georgette

  30. Jacqueline

  31. Miriam

    This is one of the best educations i have had on spinal fusions

  32. Haugen Customer

  33. Susan

  34. Phyllis

  35. Sharon

  36. Carol

  37. Haugen Customer

  38. Janice

  39. Heather

  40. Suzanne

    I have a better understanding of how to wade through the surgical report to extract the information needed to code basic spinal fusions.

  41. Brenda

  42. Haugen Customer

  43. sarah

    It was interesting to learn about all the different approaches for spinal procedures.

  44. Haugen Customer

  45. Haugen Customer

  46. Kimberly

  47. Haugen Customer

  48. Susan

  49. Haugen Customer

  50. Carol

  51. sherrill

    very helpful

  52. joann

  53. Haugen Customer

  54. Haugen Customer

  55. laura

  56. Michael

  57. Julie

    The hierarchy of the devices was extremely helpful. I don’t code spinal surgeries often, but appreciate all of the info given.

  58. Dianne

    Even though I use CPT codes, I found the explanations of the the types of fixations, grafts and surgical approaches extremely helpful

  59. Nancy

  60. Edwin

  61. Haugen Customer

  62. Kellie

  63. Haugen Customer

    The information will help me code fusions accurately

  64. Haugen Customer

    Excellent presenter

  65. Hyoju

    Good detail of surgery and explanation of the PCS code

  66. Haugen Customer

  67. Kari

  68. Kim

  69. Abigail

    Great Job and awesome visuals!!

  70. Haugen Customer

  71. Mary Sue

    On-Demand Webinars are very convenient! The presentation was very well done!

  72. Haugen Customer

  73. Courtney

    I feel these webinars are great! I love the presenter, the material, and the overall presentation. I don’t have any suggestions.

  74. Jennifer

  75. Kathleen

  76. Jene

    It’s always great to go back to the basics. I loved all of the spinal information.

  77. Haugen Customer

  78. Haugen Customer

  79. Haugen Customer

  80. Haugen Customer

  81. Sheryl

  82. Natalie

  83. Margaret

  84. Deborah

  85. Joyce

    Like the examples

  86. Haugen Customer

  87. Haugen Customer

  88. Haugen Customer

  89. Melinda

  90. Haugen Customer

    I like your approach/column table

  91. Haugen Customer

  92. Haugen Customer

    great info about differences between the types of fusions

  93. Haugen Customer

  94. Haugen Customer

  95. Haugen Customer

  96. Janelle

  97. Diane

  98. Haugen Customer

  99. Theresa

    great detail around fusion surgeries

  100. sean

  101. Haugen Customer

    A good refresher to approaches and anterior / posterior columns

  102. Lynne

    Keep up the good work!

  103. Patrice

  104. Kati

  105. Haugen Customer

  106. Haugen Customer

  107. Haugen Customer

    Liked the clarification of the body part when screws are removed. I particularly liked the illustrations on slides 18 and 30.

  108. Yvonne

    Absolutely LOVE Haugen’s webinars! Its the only offering that I can affordably purchase for myself as well as my staff. What you receive for the fee is priceless information!

  109. Haugen Customer

  110. Charmaine

    Just that I like watching and learning from these webinars.

  111. Haugen Customer

  112. Haugen Customer

  113. Dawn

  114. Haugen Customer

  115. Erica

  116. Linda

  117. Cynthia

  118. Debra

    Loved the presenter. She was informative and funny.

  119. Haugen Customer

  120. Haugen Customer

    “It’s always the Joint” – I have had internal auditors correct me on removal of fusion hardware before and it turns out I was doing it correctly!

  121. Haugen Customer

  122. catherine

    Kristi is an awesome speaker with very informative info and appreciate her pictures/diagrams !!

  123. Haugen Customer

  124. Haugen Customer

  125. colleen

    Great information

  126. karen

  127. Dean

  128. Haugen Customer

  129. Haugen Customer

  130. Haugen Customer

  131. Susan B.

    Love your education, it is excellent and affordable 🙂 Thank you!

  132. Rachel A.

    Loved the graphic page with the hierarchy, I tend to think in pictures so that really helped me.

  133. Haugen Customer

  134. Eva

  135. Haugen Customer

  136. Haugen Customer

  137. Haugen Customer

  138. John (Larry)

  139. debbie

    very good, loved it

  140. Haugen Customer

    loved the graphic page with the hierarchy, I tend to think in pictures so that really helped me

  141. Susan

    Love your education, it is excellent and affordable 🙂 Thank you!

  142. Greg

  143. Haugen Customer

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