Considering Cardiac Caths – February 16, 2023

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This on-demand webinar was released on February 16, 2023. 

CEUs for this webinar will expire on February 16, 2024. The webinar recording will be available until February 16, 2025.



With increasing advances in catheter-based therapies on the heart and coronary arteries, it becomes more difficult to figure out which procedures are being performed and how to code for them. In this webinar, we will start with a simple primer on heart and coronary anatomy and then discuss cardiac catheterizations and percutaneous coronary interventions. The experience will be capped off with a walk through case studies where we will apply guidelines and other official advice to code cases.


  • Differentiate between coronary artery imaging and imaging of heart chambers
  • Determine PCS values for different types of contrast material
  • Select device values for angioplasty and coronary stents
  • Apply codes to case studies

Target Audience

  • Facility inpatient coders
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Professionals
  • Coding Compliance Professionals
  • Coding Compliance Managers


Kristi Pollard, RHIT, CCS, CPC, CIRCC, AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer

Kristi is the Director of Coding Quality & Education with more than 25 years of industry experience; she is responsible for the development of web-based, instructor-led, and webinar training materials; conducting training in ICD-10-CM/PCS and CPT; and performing DRG and APC audits. Kristi has an extensive background in coding education and consulting and is a national speaker and published writer on topics related to ICD-10 and CPT coding and code-based reimbursement. She has designed and developed training programs for inpatient and outpatient hospital-based coding, with a focus on vascular interventional radiology, interventional cardiology, orthopedics, and obstetrics.

CE Credits

CEUs for this webinar will expire on February 16, 2024. The webinar recording will be available until February 16, 2025.

This webinar has been approved for 1 continuing education unit for use in fulfilling the continued education requirements of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Granting prior approval from AHIMA does not constitute endorsement of the program content or its program sponsor.

  • Domain: Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance

This program has the prior approval of the American Academy for Professional Coders (AAPC) for 1 continuing education hour. Granting of prior approval in no way constitutes endorsement by AAPC of the program content or the program sponsor.


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Webinar Snippet

82 reviews for Considering Cardiac Caths – February 16, 2023

  1. Haugen Customer

  2. Haugen Customer

    The picture of the blood flow thru the heart was a great refresher coarse of the heart and valves.

  3. Haugen Customer

    I enjoy all of the webinars provided.

  4. Haugen Customer

  5. Haugen Customer

  6. Haugen Customer

    I thought this was a great presentation.

  7. Haugen Customer

    Great seminar, great descriptions of procedures, and great diagrams.

  8. Haugen Customer

  9. Maria

  10. Haugen Customer

  11. Haugen Customer

  12. Haugen Customer

    Heart anatomy being compared to a house definitely made my understanding of it so much better; I appreciated the slide of different types of contrast and which character they fall under-will certainly come in handy for my coding going forward (less Googling for sure!); I always learn so much from Kristi’s presentations!

  13. Haugen Customer

  14. Haugen Customer

  15. Haugen Customer

    better understanding of heart cath procedure

  16. Jennifer

    I loved the clarification between rotational and Orbital atherectomies, also the bifurcation/ kissing balloons with the difference between that and just going into the proximal next artery I love Kristi!!!

  17. Haugen Customer

  18. Haugen Customer

  19. Haugen Customer

  20. Haugen Customer

  21. Haugen Customer

  22. Elizabeth

    I always throughly enjoy Kristi’s presentations. She is very knowledgeable about the information she presents and explains it in a way that it is easy to understand.

  23. Nicole

    Clearer anatomy of the heart

  24. Haugen Customer

    Gave me a better understand of anatomy and how blood flows through the heart. I kinda knew before but this cemented it. Great analogies with the house/plumbing.

  25. Cynthia

    I love the plumming VS. house picture she painted.

  26. Haugen Customer

    I loved the reference to the heart as a house and the plumbing and doors

  27. Haugen Customer

    Like the correlation of using the plumbing vs electrical

  28. Haugen Customer

    Refresher on the heart anatomy and coronary vessels

  29. Stephanie

    The pictures really helped understand between the heart chambers and the arteries. I have a clear understanding of the imaging done now.

  30. Cheryl

  31. Haugen Customer

    Very detailed coding for inpatient caths

  32. Haugen Customer

  33. Haugen Customer

  34. Haugen Customer

  35. Haugen Customer

  36. Haugen Customer

  37. Haugen Customer

    I always learn something new when viewing the webinars. The pictures are a great help in understanding the procedures

  38. Haugen Customer

  39. Haugen Customer

  40. Haugen Customer

  41. Haugen Customer

  42. Haugen Customer

  43. Haugen Customer

  44. Haugen Customer

  45. Haugen Customer

  46. Haugen Customer

  47. Haugen Customer

  48. Haugen Customer

  49. Haugen Customer

  50. Haugen Customer

  51. Haugen Customer

  52. Haugen Customer

  53. Haugen Customer

  54. Haugen Customer

  55. Haugen Customer

  56. Haugen Customer

    difference between left and right heart cath. better understanding of the contrast that’s used understanding Impella

  57. Haugen Customer

    Learned about the removal of Impella device surgical approach is percutaneous and not open when a femoral artery cutdown is done to reach device.

  58. Haugen Customer

    Learned more about the heart

  59. Haugen Customer

    Revisiting the basic anatomy was helpful. I found this to be a well designed webinar.

  60. Haugen Customer

  61. Haugen Customer

    I really liked the visualizations of the procedures

  62. Haugen Customer

  63. Haugen Customer

  64. Haugen Customer

  65. Haugen Customer

  66. Haugen Customer

  67. Nikki

    Great explanation of the heart chambers and arteries, love the ‘house’ concept.

  68. Haugen Customer

  69. Haugen Customer

  70. Haugen Customer

  71. Haugen Customer

    great webinar

  72. Haugen Customer

    Difference between a ventriculography and angiography; appreciated the anatomy lesson. I appreciate the visuals you use when coding an acct! It truly does help!

  73. Haugen Customer

  74. Haugen Customer

  75. Haugen Customer

  76. Haugen Customer

  77. Haugen Customer

    After Kristi’s awesome presentation of cardiac caths, I would love to have a webinar on the electrical conduction of the heart.

  78. Haugen Customer

  79. Daniel

    Better understanding of the anatomy of the heart. Found it to be very helpful!

  80. Haugen Customer

    Got a better understanding of the procedures

  81. Loraine

    i am much more clear about what to look for verifications that the procedures were done. I also didn’t understand what exactly Drug Eluting purposes were. Overall I really felt this webinar is really good.

  82. Haugen Customer

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