Emma Haugen

Emma Haugen
In Memoriam: Chief Hospitality and Employee Morale Officer

Emma served as the chief hospitality and employee morale officer for the Haugen Consulting Group from the time of the group’s inception until she left us to take up her post at the rainbow bridge.

Emma enjoyed playing soccer, and had special fondness for toy-size soccer balls – right up until a little incident in 2006.   Emma decided to snack on a particularly delicious looking soccer ball, which she enjoyed right up until the surgery required to remove said soccer ball.  Emma’s game switched from soccer to catch in her final years, her buddies Nick and Noah were always willing accomplices, “accidentally” dropping snacks on the floor.

When Emma wasn’t busy playing ball or snagging scraps, you could find her avoiding the dreaded walk.  Emma’s preference was to remain on duty at home.  She reveled in alerting the family to approaching USPS, FedEx, UPS drivers, or cats.

Emma asked that we always remember her as being especially petite for her breed of English bulldog.