Michele Birkmaier

Michele Birkmaier
Educational Design Associate

Michele Birkmaier, Educational Design Associate

Michele is an educational design associate at Haugen Consulting Group. Michele began her career in real estate where she was a regional portfolio manager over Denver and the Midwest. While she was passionate about improving the efficiency and performance of the of the assets she oversaw, she was drawn to work in the healthcare field when her interest was piqued by family members in the field.

Michele worked for a time in patient access, where she learned the importance of quality of care and customer service in the healthcare setting. Michele is passionate about creating training that keeps learners inspired, interested, and amused! Michele strives to create the best product possible while providing the best service possible.

Michele’s greatest joy is in her family. She happily resides in Parker, Colorado with her husband and two sons. Her boys are active in music, sports, and church activities. She enjoys family bike rides, swimming, hiking and of course the Denver Broncos!

You might notice that Michele bears a striking resemblance to another Haugen Consulting Group employee. Melissa is so amazing we said we wanted another one just like her – and now we have her twin sister, Michele on our team as well!