"I love that we have the opportunity to grow and produce a quality product. Your input has been invaluable."

Julie Kinner RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CANPC
HIM Manager, Melissa Memorial Hospital

"My experience working with the Haugen Consulting Group has been extremely helpful in meeting both  medical documentation and billing requirements. Their knowledge is equal to their professional attitude and responsiveness! It’s very comforting to know that there’s a source of accurate information readily available. The fact that they are based in another part of the country had no bearing on their accessibility."

Gary Wolk, MD
Manhasset, New York

"I'm so grateful for your time in prep and training! Your review of the guidelines and the leveling process was an excellent reminder for us, along with the individual case reviews. Also, the handouts will be great resources as we continue to focus on leveling. We had some good discussion after our meeting ended, and we plan to audit admission levels for the next 6 months to track our progress."

Brenda, CPC
Family Center for Health Care, Colby KS

"I worked with Haugen consultants to develop a denials prevention program that we could manage and sustain on our own. Their expertise and professional approach is similar to mine so it eliminated valuable time getting the program up and running in the way I envisioned. They provided the structure necessary, along with the tools for education, and made recommendations that were achievable as we started out. Because we were able to be successful, the entire organization is now focused on denials prevention/management."

Nancy Klock
Denver, CO

“The quality time and expertise provided by HCG were invaluable. They are experienced professionals who truly understand the challenges and complexity of healthcare today.”

Barb Manor, MA, RHIA, CHDA
Vice President of HIM, SCL Health

"Haugen Consulting Groups services are not services that you take lightly. They usually are ones that we call when we need help. We have called them for interim management. We knew we had some staffing issues, we just didn't realize how to resolve those. We had them come in, they did productivity studies, they did benchmarking. They helped us tremendously to support additional staffing for our preparation for ICD-10."

Melinda Patten, MHA, RHIA, CHPS, CDIP
Director of HIM, Children's Hospital Colorado

"I have always been impressed that Mary Beth and her staff are so well informed on current healthcare issues and continually share updated information with their clients through their excellent training materials. As the HIM and Revenue Cycle functions move closer together, Mary Beth and her staff will continue to ensure we have the knowledge and tools we need to make this a successful transition."

Becky Morton
Director of Health Information, University of Missouri Health Care

"I strongly recommend Mary Beth and her company; they are talented, professional, fast and efficient. Their level of expertise in the healthcare industry is second to none. In every instance where we have embarked upon an initiative with her the results have been extraordinary. I will always call her when a need arises. Mary Beth and her company truly are a joy to work with."

Jeff Pelot
CIO, Denver Health

“Haugen’s instructors are truly the best of the best! They have hands-on years of coding experience and examples they provide relate to each coder who is working in the real world. The class I took was worth every penny and more!”

Lila Mayer, RHIA
Director Coding & Compliance, SCL Health

"We have NEVER been disappointed in any training your Company has provided. You are the Best!"

Deborah Murry, RHIT, CDIP, CCS
Coding Manager, Kaweah Delta Medical Center

"The Haugen Webinars make learning about coding fun. They incorporate pictures, cartoons, and mascots into the slides to grab your attention. The presenters are always positive, speak in an upbeat voice, and change the tone in their voice to keep your focus. The presentations also include anatomy diagrams that help the "visual" learners to obtain the correct code."

Jenifer Finley, RHIA, CCS
SCL Health

“These webinars are excellent! I have refreshed my skills and obtained some CEUs! THANKS much!”

Lila M., RHIA
SCL Health

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