Do you understand the basics of Release of Information but struggle with more complex requests and scenarios? Are you looking to increase your knowledge of the ROI process? This course provides a deeper dive into ROI and some of the more complex scenarios. We discuss how to handle releasing sensitive information, requests from law enforcement and more. This course will add even more tools to your ROI toolbelt and increase your confidence in handling complex scenarios!



Lesson 1: A Closer Look at Legal Requirements and Extra Protections

  • Define the types of documentation afforded extra protections under the law
  • Differentiate between psychotherapy notes and behavioral health progress notes
  • Explain a patient’s Right to Restrictions

Lesson 2: Handling Complex Requests

  • Understand the requirements for responding to a subpoena for records
  • Distinguish between permitted disclosures to law enforcement and disclosures required by law
  • Identify situations when a minor’s records may not be released to a parent
  • Determine how to process a request from a patient’s Power of Attorney
  • Explain the requirements for processing requests for a decedent’s records

Lesson 3: Operational Topics in ROI

  • Discuss charging a fee for record requests and the types of requests organizations can charge fees for
  • Explore how patient portals can assist the Release of Information process
  • Discuss the process of releasing records from outside facilities
  • Discuss other departments within an organization that perform ROI functions

Target Audience

  • HIM staff
  • Release of Information staff
  • Billing staff
  • Registration staff
  • Ancillary staff with release of information responsibility

CE Credits

This program has been approved for 1 continuing education units for use in fulfilling the continued education requirements of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Granting prior approval from AHIMA does not constitute endorsement of the program content or its program sponsor.

  • Domain: Information Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Privacy and Security

Purchasing Details

  • Upon purchase, you will have a 6-month subscription to this course. This will allow you the opportunity to complete and review as often as you like for 6 months.
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