Results you can count on.


Results you can count on.

Stop the painful audits that leave you wondering if you’re doing things right or wrong. 




We’re your trusted partner for an accurate, educational and collaborative audit experience.

Get meaningful: Dialogue| Guidance| Support 

to ensure your team is doing it right.

Tired of audit results that just hammer

Answer: Our audit process is collaborative, understanding that coding is not black and white. Prior to the delivery of the final report, we take the time to review and discuss findings with you to develop an actionable plan.

Want to make your audit results a rapid learning opportunity

Answer: Our auditors are coders who strive to ensure an educational experience for your team. We provide you with feedback based on industry coding requirements. Plus, you can improve individual and team performance with our suite of coding education offerings.

Want to have a measurable indicator of your coders performance

Answer: Our detailed audit finding reports include cumulative and individual coder results. For recurring audits, we assess patterns of performance by coder and teams so you can quickly identify improvements and gauge knowledge and skills gaps.

Do you need different audits for facility coding vs. professional fee coding

Answer: Our team includes both facility and professional fee coders to perform the specific type of audit you need.


Haugen Consulting Group auditors are facility and professional fee coding experts in ICD-10-CM/PCS and CPT. We view the audit process through the lens of an experienced coder and take the time to understand your organization. We present results in a setting that encourages rich dialogue that builds coding expertise.

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