Front-End Revenue Cycle

Does day-to-day management leave you with little time to optimize your patient access operations?

The patient registration process is critical to initiating a cycle of quality patient care. Errors made at this important service entry point can have a negative impact, creating breakdowns in care and treatment causing claims rework, patient dissatisfaction and payment reduction, delay or denial.

Patient Access leaders are often faced with:

24/7 operations
Decentralized registration areas
High turnover rates
New hires just entering the healthcare field
Limited time and resources to train new staff
Lack of consistency in the training process
Difficulty in assessing new hire competency


Haugen Academy Training & Education

Haugen Consulting Group offers a suite of  interactive online training courses. Each is designed to effectively educate new and existing staff on the most important aspects of patient access registration.

Haugen Academy online training includes:

Convenient, on-demand, online courses

Logical segments broken into ~40 minute courses

Competency and performance assessment tools

Management reports monitoring performance

Assessment tools to objectively assess new hires

We offer a blend of core, companion and custom content that quickly imparts the knowledge and develops the skills needed to create patient access professionals.

Core Courses

Content that educates staff on process, functions and regulatory issues that are common to all patient access departments.

  • System Down-time Processes
  • Point of Service Collections
  • Pre-Authorization and Admission Notification
  • Understanding Regulatory Documents
  • Inpatient Account Management
  • Outpatient Account Management
  • Insurance Plan Selection
  • Physician Selection

Haugen Academy Online Courses give you:


Monthly, quarterly or bi-annual interactive staff education


Resources to help teams achieve compliance


Cost-effective training solutions


Flexible scheduling at your convenience

"Thank you so much for such an excellent presentation today. It was the best webinar that I’ve seen during my tenure….so informative and informational, but easy to understand."
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Webinar Taken: Mastering Medicare in a Patient Access World

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