Health Information Management (HIM)

Do you struggle to find relevant,
up-to-date information on issues
or concerns that impact you
and your staff?

The HIM process is critical in providing trusted and accurate medical records to the right people at the right time. Errors can impact patient care and create rework, costing the organization time, money and resources.


Issues that cause breakdowns in knowledge include:

Changing regulatory requirements
New electronic health records
Data integrity issues
New employees


Haugen Academy Training & Education

Haugen Academy can create customized webinars specializing in:


Information Governance

Legal Health Records

Electronic Health Records

HIM Operations



We also customize instructor-led training to fit your needs based on your particular systems and preferred practices.

Invest in the team you have. You'll get the team you want.

Contact us Online or call 720-502-7690 to schedule schedule HIM webinars and customized in-person training.

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