Steve Haugen


Steve Haugen, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Steve Haugen is the co-founder of Haugen Consulting Group and Haugen Academy. Steve brings over twenty five years of financial planning, forecasting, sales and strategy development to his role as Chief Financial Officer. Steve is responsible for assuring the Haugen Group maintains a strong capital structure while balancing the growth and expansion of the business.

Since the inception of Haugen Consulting Group in 2008, the group has successfully expanded staffing and service offerings to meet the growing demands of an expanding client base. Haugen Academy was formed in 2012 to support the strategic growth of the education and training division.

Steve enjoys the challenges and opportunities related to assuring operational efficiencies and financial stability while investing in the technology, people, and services needed to support planned growth.

Steve earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Metropolitan State University, Denver, Colorado and his master’s in business administration from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri.
Steve and his family are proud to share their home city of Denver, Colorado with centerman Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche.