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Patient Access Services: Guide to Patient Identification

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The Guide to Patient Identification course will build an understanding of the complexities and importance of accurately identifying patients. This course builds understanding of the importance and challenges involved in patient identification. We review data entry standards, components of typical policies and workflows, and discuss available technology used to assist with patient identification.



Lesson 1

  • Recognize the importance of accurate patient identification
  • Identify the structure and organization of the MPI
  • Demonstrate understanding of the impact of patient selection errors

Lesson 2

  • Describe the various types of technology used to assist in patient identification
  • Identify common rules included as part of an organization’s data entry standards
  • Indicate the number of patient identifiers that should ideally be matched before a record is selected

Lesson 3

  • Identify common patient identification errors
  • Recognize issues that arise as a result of patient identification errors
  • List strategies for avoiding duplicates or overlays

Target Audience

  • Patient Access Services
  • Schedulers
  • Business Services
  • Ancillary Departments with Registration Responsibility

CE Credits

Courses may be used to apply toward NAHAM and other certification CEU requirements.

Purchasing Details

  • Upon purchase, you will have a 6-month subscription to this course. This will allow you the opportunity to complete and review as often as you like for 6 months.
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  • Visit our FAQ page for technical requirements and additional details.

65 reviews for Patient Access Services: Guide to Patient Identification

  1. Haugen Customer

  2. Haugen Customer

  3. Haugen Customer

  4. Haugen Customer

  5. Haugen Customer

  6. Patrick

  7. Haugen Customer

  8. Rachel

  9. Kim

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  18. Tim

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  22. Haugen Customer

  23. Kenda

  24. Lisa

  25. Ashley

  26. Shari

  27. Haugen Customer

  28. Monica

  29. Samantha

    Love this learning style and I am going to inquire about having all Patient Access Specialists take this course.

  30. Jackie

  31. Laurie K.

    I learned two things I didn’t know. Great course. Thank you!

  32. Janet P.

    Love the furry friends!

  33. Sara

  34. LAURA

  35. Jessica

  36. Jessica

  37. Haugen Customer

  38. Michael

    References to documentation produced by the Federal Government would probably be helpful to someone who is interested in this topic.

  39. Janice

    This will also help me handle intake at a food bank where I volunteer. The software is similar to medical admitting software.

  40. Margaret

    Very thorough explanations of procedures. New terminology adequately defined.

  41. Mikaela

  42. Haugen Customer

  43. Mindy

  44. Haugen Customer

  45. Mandy

  46. Piers

  47. Geoffrey

  48. Teresa

  49. Teresa

  50. Haugen Customer

  51. Akiatu

  52. Brittney

  53. Rhonda

  54. Haugen Customer

  55. Haugen Customer

  56. Dawn

  57. Haugen Customer

  58. Camilla

  59. Dominique

  60. Christina

  61. Diane M.

    I think everyone who registers patients should be required to take this module.

  62. Sharilyn B.

    More comfortable knowing how to use identifiers.

  63. Sally B.

    I think every registrar needs this class

  64. Aimee L.

    Great refresher..

  65. Laurie K.

    I learned two things I didn’t know. Great course. Thank you!

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