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CPT Injection and Infusion Series

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This two-part series provides the foundations for CPT coding of injection and infusion services in the hospital outpatient setting. Unlike other areas of the hospital, codes and charges for services may be captured by several departments and specialists. In the first course, time will be spent discussing the revenue cycle and the differences between hard coding and soft coding of CPT and charges. In addition, the courses in this series review the code sets, the structure of the CPT manual, and the rules which apply to chemotherapy, non-chemotherapy, and hydration services. The courses conclude with the Code Red Ultimate Coder Challenge allowing learners to practice and apply their learnings by coding realistic case scenarios.



Part 1:

  • Recognize different sources of coded data and the rules that govern their application
  • Apply correct code type to the condition, service or supply
  • Recognize the structure and symbols in CPT and the applicable code blocks
  • Name the types of substances related to each subsection
  • Sequence CPT codes for I&I services provided using the I&I hierarchy
  • Define when to add codes for E&M services or vascular access procedures

Part 2:

  • Identify substances that code to Chemotherapy and Highly Complex Substances and Therapeutic/Diagnostic code range
  • Apply hierarchy and CPT rules when assigning codes for chemo and non-chemo infusion or injection services
  • Recognize substances and rules as they relate to coding hydration services
  • Assign correct CPT codes to scenarios that include hydration, chemo and non-chemo infusion services

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Target Audience

  • Facility outpatient coders 
  • Billing professionals 
  • Charge master analysts 
  • Other staff involved in charging for infusion services 

CE Credits

This program has been approved for 2 continuing education units for use in fulfilling the continued education requirements of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Granting prior approval from AHIMA does not constitute endorsement of the program content or its program sponsor.

This program has the prior approval of the American Academy for Professional Coders (AAPC) for 2 continuing education hours. Granting of prior approval in no way constitutes endorsement by AAPC of the program content or the program sponsor.

Purchasing Details

  • The price of this series includes the AMA Royalty Fees
  • Upon purchase, you will have a 6-month subscription to this course. This will allow you the opportunity to complete and review as often as you like for 6 months.
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89 reviews for CPT Injection and Infusion Series

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  9. Haugen Customer

  10. Valerie

    For the first time in my coding career I feel I truly understand how to code I and I – thank you!

  11. Valerie

  12. Haugen Customer

  13. Haugen Customer

  14. Terianne

    I would like to have had a PDF to print out and follow along with

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  25. Lita

  26. Joyce

  27. Michelle

    I loved all the examples that were used, along with the game!

  28. Michelle

    I specifically like how your told exactly where to find information in outside resources.

  29. Trina

  30. Trina

    I wish this webinar was downloadable

  31. Haugen Customer

  32. Sharon

  33. Haugen Customer

  34. Haugen Customer

  35. Haugen Customer

  36. Ada

    Excellent review! Contained the pertinent information for newborn coding which I needed. Thanks so much!

  37. Haugen Customer

  38. Alexandra

  39. BONNIE

  40. Haugen Customer

  41. Haugen Customer

  42. Tammy

  43. Benzella (Bonnie)

  44. Benzella (Bonnie)

  45. BECKY

  46. Jessica

  47. Betty

  48. Connie

  49. Theresa

    Really loved the presentation and all the doggies in the presentation. overall would have liked to have had more scenarios.

  50. Haugen Customer

  51. Annette

  52. Vimarie

  53. Tina

    There is a lot of good information, explains everything step by step very well.

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  58. Lisa

  59. Ashley

  60. Meg

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  66. Cortney

  67. Martha

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  69. Tabatha

  70. Haugen Customer

  71. Christina

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  74. Haugen Customer

  75. Regina

  76. Melinda

    Great Course! Very resourceful!

  77. Regina

  78. Peggy

  79. Haugen Customer

  80. Jessica

  81. Patti

  82. Toni

  83. Alisia

  84. Heidi

  85. Amy

  86. Carsen

  87. Maricel

  88. Christina

    great break down of a lot of information easy to follow

  89. Deborah

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