Orthopedic oncology is a subspeciality of orthopedics that involves the diagnosis and treatment of malignant disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic oncologists treat conditions such as:

  • Primary bone cancers
  • Soft tissue tumors
  • Cancers, such as breast, colon or prostate that have metastasized to the bone (secondary bone cancers)
  • Benign bone tumors or cysts

Understanding all the different types of conditions, and knowing if they are skin, soft tissue or extend into the bone can be challenging.  The type of condition treated can also affect the code selection for treatment.  In addition, we often see the staging documented, which is not always easy to understand!

Depending on the type of condition, treatment could include simple biopsies, amputation, hip replacement, kyphoplasty, excision, resection, reconstruction, or perhaps even palliative surgery.  Orthopedic oncologists typically use targeted procedures to remove the tumors or reconstruct the bones.  These treatments are also designed to help restore limb mobility, enhance function, or help manage the pain.




Mary is a consultant for The Haugen Consulting Group with over 25 years of health care industry experience. She started her career in Orthopedics which was her passion for decades. In addition to Orthopedics, she provides expertise in other specialties such as Anesthesia, Ambulatory Surgery Center, as well as most surgical specialties . She has experience working the professional fee side of coding, audit, education as well as compliance, serving both coders and physicians, as well as the surgical side. She is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA), Certified Anesthesia Professional Coder (CANPC) Certified Ambulatory Surgery Center Coder (CASCC) and Certified Orthopedic Surgery Coder (COSC).

During her free time, she loves to do crafts, enjoys the outdoors, and the Broncos! She has 4 daughters, and 10 grandchildren which light up her life.

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