This page addresses follow-up questions and additional information pertinent to our webinar
Coding Nonvascular Interventional Radiology Series Part 1 Minor Procedures.
The coding information and guidance are valid at the time of publishing. Learners are encouraged to research
subsequent official guidance in the areas associated with the topic as they can change rapidly.

Q: You mentioned that in order to report ultrasound guidance for needle placement, 76942, a permanent recording must be done, what exactly does that mean?
A: That a hard copy image is saved in the patient's medical record. We recommend this be stated in the providers documentation.

Q: If my provider performed a knee joint injection with ultrasound guidance, but the ultrasound guidance requirements are not met, what would the appropriate code to report?
A: In this case, the major joint injection code without ultrasound guidance would have to be used. The correct code would be 20610.

Q: If the provider performs dry needling and then goes on to do a trigger point injection on the same muscles, can both services be reported?
A: No, there is a CPT parenthetical instruction following CPT codes 20552-20553 that they may not be reported with 20560 and 20561 when performed on the same muscles. We recommend reporting the most extensive procedure performed.

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Deanna Upston, CPMA, CPC, COSC

Deanna Upston, CPMA, CPC, COSC


Deanna is a consultant for The Haugen Consulting Group with over 20 years of health care industry experience.  Her introduction was through medical assisting, which she enjoyed for several years. Once she was established at a surgeon’s office, she started coding their surgical cases and discovered that was her favorite part of the day. Deanna has experience working on the professional fee side of coding, audit, education and compliance serving coders and physicians.  She has put together multiple education sessions for both provider and coder.  She also has experience working as an analyst in which she validated the integrity of editing logic during the implementation of claim scrubbing software.


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