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FY 2023 PCS Root Operations Flip Bits


This course serves as an introduction to coding with ICD-10-PCS. The lessons contained in this course serve as the framework necessary to be successful in future lessons. The first lesson is short and provides background on the development of ICD-10. Lesson 2 focuses on the format and organization of ICD-10-PCS codes. Lesson 3 introduces you to coding using this classification system, and the final Lesson is the ultimate coder challenge.



Lesson 1: Regulations and System Applicability

  • Review system regulations
  • Review development of ICD-10-PCS and the types of facilities that will use the system
  • Review structure and organization
  • Review coded healthcare data

Lesson 2: Code Format

  • Name the ICD-10-PCS characters
  • Identify the meaning of each of the seven characters of a valid ICD-10-PCS code
  • Explain the importance of the root operation in determining an ICD-10-PCS code
  • Identify the differences between the 7 different approaches used in ICD-10-PCS codes

Lesson 3: Medical-Surgical, Body Parts, Approaches, Devices

  • Closer look at the organization and structure of PCS system
  • Chance to put all the pieces together for a glimpse of the coding workflow, using both the Index and the Tables
  • Additional information available in the Index that is used in the coding process

Target Audience

  • Facility Coders (inpatient/outpatient)
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Professionals
  • Students

CE Credits

AHIMA This program has been approved for 1 continuing education unit for use in fulfilling the continued education requirements of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Granting prior approval from AHIMA does not constitute endorsement of the program content or its program sponsor.

  • Domain: Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance

AAPC This program has the prior approval of the American Academy for Professional Coders (AAPC) for 1 continuing education hour. Granting of prior approval in no way constitutes endorsement by AAPC of the program content or the program sponsor.

  • Specialty CEUs: COC, CPC, CPC-P, CIC, CPB, CPPM

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  • Upon purchase, you will have a 6-month subscription to this course. This will allow you the opportunity to complete and review as often as you like for 6 months.
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76 reviews for Introduction to PCS

  1. Haugen Customer

    I was brand new to this topic, and this first course was thorough and provided me with the knowledge to successfully complete my first level with a bit of confidence. Great start!!!

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