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Coding Shoulder Procedures.
** The coding information and guidance are valid at the time of publishing. Learners are encouraged to research
subsequent official guidance in the areas associated with the topic as they can change rapidly.

Q:  If the surgeon documents that he repairs the supraspinatus through a scope and another through an open incision, how do you determine which one is the most extensive to decide to use open vs scope per that guideline?
A:  That’s a tough call. It’s going to be based on the documentation. If it were me, I would look to see if any debridement was performed through the scope as well. If so, then in my opinion, the most extensive would have been done through the scope. When in doubt, ask your providers to give you more information as they are the only ones that know what they really did, and which was the most extensive.

Q:  Which code should be used for a Bankart repair.
A:  The correct CPT is 29806 if it's done through a scope.

Q:  If a provider documents that he did a repair of the supraspinatus and then does a repair of the subscapularis, can I capture CPT 29827 twice, once for each rotator cuff tendon since there are four of them and they are different tendons?
A:  Unfortunately, no. we can only report 29827 one time regardless of how many rotator cuff tendons are repaired unless a patient is having a bilateral procedure.

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